Inverter Analyzer (Model : IA-S)

MECO Inverter Analyzer enhances fault diagnosis and accuracy 

The MECO Inverter Analyzer is a cutting-edge tool designed to diagnose faults in inverter-based products efficiently and accurately.

The MECO Inverter Analyzer (Model : IA-S) is a versatile tool designed for checking various inverter-based products such as air conditioners (ACs) and refrigerators. Its primary function is to diagnose faults in these products, specifically identifying whether the issue lies with the compressor or the printed circuit board (PCB). The tool enhances technicians' diagnostic capabilities and minimises downtime. Its advanced features, durability, portability, and user-friendly design make it a trusted solution for diagnosing faults in inverter-based products.

Key features :

The MECO Inverter Analyzer is a state-of-the-art tool designed to diagnose faults in inverter-based products with exceptional efficiency. It operates within a range of 60-600V AC and 40-400Hz (maximum for 5 minutes), ensuring compatibility with various applications.

One of its standout features is the battery-free operation, eliminating the need for constant battery replacements and enabling uninterrupted usage. The analyser is built to be durable, making it a reliable companion for long-term use. Its portable design allows easy transport, making it ideal for on-site diagnostic tasks.

The user-friendly interface of the Inverter Analvzer ensures that it can be operated with ease, even by those with limited technical expertise. The test probes have insulated crocodile clips (colour-identified for easy connections to the relevant terminals (R, Y, B). This design ensures secure and hassle-free connections, reducing the chances of errors or accidents.

The analyser provides swift and accurate results with its LED-based instant diagnosis feature.

How it works : 

  • Power off the device experiencing a breakdown.
  • Disconnect the connections between the compressor and PCB.
  • Check that the built-in smoothening electrolytic capacitor voltage drops below 10V DC or lower to ensure safety during    servicing.
  • Replace the compressor with the Inverter Analyzer by connecting the fast on terminals of the PCB to the respective c        crocodile clips (R, Y, B) of the analyser. Take care to avoid contact between the crocodile clips.
  • Turn on the power and operate the AC or refrigerator.
  • Diagnosis: If all LEDs of the Inverter Analyzer are uniformly lit, it indicates a faulty compressor. If any or all LEDs are unevenly lit, it suggests a fault in the PCB.
  • After completing the diagnosis, switch off the power. Remove the connections of the Inverter Analvzer's crocodile clips and firmly reconnect the fast on terminals of the PCB to the compressor. Secure connections are crucial to prevent terminal burnout.