Digital Clampmeter (Model : DT 2727+)

MECO introduced new 3½ Digit 1999 Counts Digital Clamp Meter (Model : DT 2727+) having Current Range up to 400A AC TRMS, Voltage Range up to 600V DC / AC TRMS and Resistance Range up to 2 M?.

This meter has special features like NCV (Buzzer & EF Strength), Data Hold, Backlight, Audible Continuity, Diode Test, Auto Power Off & Low Battery Indication.

Meter comes with Overload Protection in A AC Range & Voltage Protection in Resistance / Diode / Continuity Test for maximum safety. This Clamp Meter can be used for Cable Dia. 23mm (Max.).

Accessories with the Meter : One Pair of Test Leads, Instruction Manual, Carrying Case for Safe Keeping, & Battery (installed).