Clamp-On Current Transformer (CCT Series)

Clamp-On Current Transformer (CCT Series)
CE Certified 
Models : CCT Series
Features :
MECO CCT Series of Clamp-On Current Transformer's are designed for fast and easy installation. Clamp-On CT uses Permalloy Magnetic Core or Silicon Amorphous Core, with characteristics of small size. high precision, good stability and strong anti-interference ability. These CT's give a standard AC Current output which is suitable to conveniently measure on single/Three Phase Circuits with good stability and high anti-interference ability.

It is ideal for power and energy measurement with high precision and small phase angle error in applications related to electric power, communication, monitoring and control. It can measure a variety of electric parameters without removing cables. The Standard length of output leads is 2 Meter. However Output and Leads Cable can be customized.