Clamp - On TRMS Power & Energy Meter

Clamp - On TRMS Power & Energy Meter
CE Certified 
Models : 3510PHE-AUTO
Features :
  • TRMS Measurement
  • KW, KVAR, KVA, HP & Energy Measurement
  • PF & Phase Angle (Φ) Meaurement
  • 4 Digit LCD, 9999 Count, Autoranging
  • Data Hold, Auto Power Off
  • Cable of Diameter upto 43mm / Busbar upto 65mm x 16mm  
Check Motors and Compressors, Check for Energized Circuits & Loads, Ideal for Electrical Energy Audit of Heating, Ventilation & Aircom Systems (HVAC, To Identify Low Voltage Control Signal, To Identify Power Sources, 1Φ / 3 Φ (3p3w / 3p4w) Power Calculations, Evaluate Electrical Contacts, Verify the Stability of Voltage