Rectangular AC & DC Panel Meters

Rectangular AC & DC Panel Meters
CE Certified 
Models : MR60, MR65, MR100, MR120, CR60, CR65, CR100, CR120
Clear Transparent Acrylic Rectangular Type Moving Coil Meter
Movement Type
Moving Coil with Central Magnetic Core, Spring Mounted Jewel Bearing Suspension with Rectifier Circuit for AC
  • ±1% of Full Scale for MR120
  • ±1.5% of Full Scale for MR100, CR100, CR120
  • ±2.5% of Full Scale for MR60, MR65, CR60, CR65
IS-1248, IEC-51, IEC-1010, BS-89, DIN 43700-43718
60x60mm, 81x81mm, 100x80mm, 120x100mm
DC Range
  • Current (µA) : 100µA to 750µA
  • Current (mA) : 1mA to 750mA
  • Current (A ) : 1A to 50A, 0-5A to 0-5000 A/75mV (for MR60 model direct 10A DC only - Above 10A use with external shunt)
  • Voltage (mV) : 50mV to 750mV
  • Voltage (V) : 1V to 1000V
  • AC Range
  • Current (A) : 1A or 5A (From 100mA to 5A AC, use with eternal CT box, supplied with the instrument)
  • Voltage (V) : 10V to 1000V
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