Energy Meter : 1 Phase Multifunction Appliance Meter - TRMS

Energy Meter : 1 Phase Multifunction Appliance Meter - TRMS
CE Certified  Software
Models : EM09 (1A, 5A & 20A)
Features :
  • Measures V, A, PF, Hz, KW, KVA, KVAr, Kwh, KVAh & KVArh
  • TRMS Measurement
  • Can be used for Continuous Monitoring
  • Auto / Manual Scroll Display (User Selectable)
  • State of Art Microcontroller Design
  • Portable, Handy, Plug-n-Play and Easy-to-use
  • LCD Display with Backlight
  • RS-485 5KV Isolated Port (Optional) with MODBUS RTU Protocol (Optional)
  • POWER MASTER Software for MIS Reports (Optional)
  • Appliances Testing (AC, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Air Cooler, Microwave Oven etc.)
  • LED Light Testing
  • Can be given to field technicians in their tool kit
  • At the point of sale to demonstrate energy efficiency of your product over competition
  • Can be used by R & D Dept in Designing Energy Efficient Products
  • Study of Energy Efficiency of Electrical Equipment
  • Product Quality Testing
  • Energy Audit and Plant Maintenance
  • Building Management Systems
  • Power Management
Ordeing Information
Model, Input Current (20A or 5A or 1A any one only) and RS485 Port (Optional)