MECO helps in Energy Auditing at VJTI College campus.

Mr.Haren Shah, Marketing Executive of MECO spends 2 days at VJTI College for Energy Auditing of campus which helped a few students in their final year BTech project. MECO had supported by providing their product Power and Harmonics analyzer for Energy Auditing.

Growing electricity bills these days is a major problem to all big and small corporate houses, which increase overheads to intolerable heights. An energy audit is a study of a plant or facility to determine how and where energy is used and to identify methods for energy savings. There is now a universal recognition of the fact that new technologies and much greater use of some that already exist provide the most hopeful prospects for the future. The opportunities lay in the use of existing renewable energy technologies.

The faculty staff of VJTI, Electronics department says, "The measurements that were done on the MECO Instruments 'Power and Harmonics Analyzer' have provided a great Insight to the current situation of the department as far as Energy Consumption is concerned. More specifically, the measurements done in the Electrical Machines lab are the most to be concerned about. With the help of MECO Instruments, we realized the inefficiency in overall power consumption and the unbalanced conditions at which the devices are operating currently. With a Total Harmonic Distortion of about 35% and a power factor of about 0.6, we have realized the exorbitant expenses that we shell out every month from our funds in the form of penalty to BEST Electricity Supply."

MECO Power and Harmonic Analyzer Model PHA-5850 can analyze, measure, monitor and data log values of power quality and consumption of energy. It comes with user friendly application software that increases the utility & performance of this instrument.