MECO Instruments Supports CII (Western Region) at The Two-day Advanced Training Program on Energy Management

Energy conservation practices have acquired top priority in the present context of acute power shortage. Industry needs to be aware of the latest trends in reducing energy costs, so as to be globally competitive.

Some states like Gujarat, Punjab, Tamilnadu & Kerala have already made Energy Audit mandatory for all industrial establishments where maximum load exceeds 200 kVA.

Against this backdrop, CII (Western Region) organized a two-day Advanced Training Program on Energy Management recently at Mumbai. Top-level Managers, Senior Managers, Maintenance Engineers, Operation/Production Managers, Energy Consultants, Energy Auditors have attended the same.

Tool for Energy Auditing
During CII- training program on Energy Management M/s. MECO INSTRUMENTS PVT LTD. participated and displayed ‘Meo’ Clamp-on Power, Leakage & Harmonics Analyser – Model 5850. It is a state-of-the-art versatile instrument using micro controller technology, having various functions that would be ideal for the Energy Auditor to carrying out energy audits and periodic visits.

Harmonics Distortion
A growing power quality concern is harmonics distortion that is caused by the non-linearity of customer loads. A nonlinear load is a circuit element where voltage is not proportional to its current. Just as high blood pressure can create stress and serious problems in the human body, high levels of harmonic distortion can create stress and resultant problem for the utility’s distribution system, the plant’s distribution system, as well as all of the equipment that is serviced by that distribution system.

‘Meo’ Clamp-on Power, Leakage & Harmonics Analyser – Model 5850, measurements can be done without disconnecting the loads or shutdown. It is able to do almost all the analysis for the power system & capable of analyzing power consumption to the maximum demand of the factory. It is useful for analyzing of harmonics up to the 99th order with T.H.D with waveform & large dot matrix LCD display of 35 parameters in one backlit screen. The analyzer has a display for peak values as well as power parameters like KW, KVA, KVAR, KWH, PF, maximum demand and harmonics at command. The meter has features like Real-time Graphic Phasor Diagram & can Capture 28 transient events with programmable Threshold (%) like Dip, Swell & Outage.

It has its own 512K memory to record 17000 events with programmable interval and software for easy download on PC. To retrieve recorded events on screen at site as hardcopy is also possible. It complies with EN61010 Safety Rating 600V CAT III and is available with 100A, 1000A & 3000A CT clamps as required.