Power Guard

MECO introduces  POWERGUARD Model –PG09

POWERGUARD is a simple to use and easy to handle product which can be widely used because of its portability and light weight.
It can be used to measure various parameters like RMS Voltage (V), RMS  Current(A), Active Power at 240 VAC (KW), Apparent Power at 240 VAC, Reactive Power at 240 VAC, Power Factor (PF),Line Frequency (Hz), Active Energy (KWh), Energy Usage Time (EUT), Carbon Emission (in kg).

Applications : Teaching, Demonstration & Testing of Electrical Energy Consumption of Household & Office Appliances. It can be used in Houses, Offices, Shops, Schools, Laboratories etc.

You can use POWERGUARD
• During Research and Development to measure power factor, energy consumption and current drawn by your product and use the measurements to optimize your product design.
• For Quality Check on the manufacturing line POWERGUARD will help you to know power consumption of your manufactured Electrical Products.
• At the Point of Sale POWERGUARD will help you to demonstrate energy efficiency of your product over competition.
• POWERGUARD is also useful during field visits to help you to demonstrate testing of appliances easily as this is a handy product.

You should use POWERGUARD because
• It is an economical product and gives maximum value for your money. 
• You don’t need to buy many instruments to measure different parameters; as POWERGUARD has 7 – 8 measurements in one instrument.
• It has memory retention so that it stores selected data during the power failure or power off condition.
• Simple to use, Easy to handle and accurate to measure.
• Backlight display helps to read even in dark / low light areas.

How to use POWERGUARD?
Just put POWERGUARD’s plug into power socket, and then put your electric equipment’s plug into Power Guard’s socket, values of each given parameters can be displayed on LCD.